Saturday, March 10, 2007

Frontier Days

As a teacher, I want to give my kids experiences that will help them learn material and make it come to life. Recently we did a unit on the Westward Movement, and the pioneers who came west to make new lives for themselves.

I was able to have this company come to our school called Pioneer Living - they are a traveling museum, and bring everything to us! I was so blessed - they really worked with us and charged us only for their gas! The man who we worked with, Terry, was so wonderful!! The kids had a fantastic time and got to play with and touch everything.

They were able to pan for gold, card wool, grind corn, pump water, play with old-fashioned toys, sit in a tipi and even shave! Below are some pictures from our day...

Sierra's first Solo Trip

In January, Sierra was able to go to Mexico to help build some houses for families there. She went with her youth group from the church we are attending, Vineyard of Chico. It's a great church, and wonderfully sensitive to the Spirit of the Lord.

I was so proud of Sierra. She worked for over 3 months saving over $400 to go on this trip. She saved her allowance, did odd jobs like raking and pulling weeds and washing cars. Her grandparents also worked out a deal with her to earn some money, which she faithfully did.

She spent a week there with other youth and they built 4 houses there. The house Sierra worked on was a double house, for two families. She pounded nails, painted and had fun using a machine that shot nails into concrete!

This was her first mission trip was a little hard for me, but I was also really excited for her.

Here is Sierra with a little girl she met in Mexico
while she was there building houses in January.

This is another little girl Sierra got to know in Mexico.