Monday, September 22, 2008

Widow Maker

Ok, so here in Guatemala, the showers are rigged up a little different than they are back in the States. Here, we call them "Widow Makers"...of course, not being married, I call them "Orphan Makers"...just kidding!

Instead of having a water heater that heats up a certain amount of water and holds it until it is used, the shower head heats up the water as it goes through it - using an electrical current. Yes, that's right - everything your momma told you about not mixing water and electricity is thrown out the window here!

There are 220 volts of electricity pulsating through the water as it flows through the head, effectively heating it. Sometimes the water gets a little "zingy"!! And God help you if you touch the shower head while you're in the shower - it gives quite a jolt! The more water pressure, the colder the water - so if you want to have a hot shower, you have to minimize the amount of water coming out so it can be heated.
Below is a picture of our's pretty small!!!

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Anonymous said...

hhahaha, i think the showerrs here in brazil look exactly the same!! but they don't really shock people or whatever! miss dayna! i love your blog! i'm still trying to figure how to subscribe! you can go check mine too later... i dont write a lot in it tho..