Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spring Flowers in Western Australia

Wow, I guess it's been about a month ago now...but here are some photos of the beautiful wildflowers that bloom here in WA (from our camping trip up north). I don't know the names of most of them, but I sure appreciate their beauty!

There were fields and fields of purple flowers...

You can see more fields of flowers in the background

I suppose these aren't technically flowers, but I thought they were pretty.

This reminds me of the grasses that grow out at Bodega Bay

This is actually a tree - the flowers are so amazing.  In early spring, the trees are just the bright red flowers only and it's so gorgeous!

I love the mix of different flowers here.
Isn't the color lovely?

I love the little yellow balls!  It reminds me of that fabric from the 70's.

A great road for a drive - love the tree-lined lane!

These are called Everlastings.

So many!

We went to a swimming hole we'd heard about, but decided against getting in the water...can you see why?
Hope you enjoyed the photos!!  I will upload more soon. 

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